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Welcome to my home page. Here you can find software which I have written for computers running the RISC OS operating system.

!Konto is a personal finance program used to:

I wrote !Konto for my own needs. I had been using !BkMgr since 1991 and had a lot of data stored in the format used by this program. I liked the way !BkMgr worked although the GUI was clearly obsolete and it was never going to run on modern hardware.

!Konto can be downloaded from here (approx 1MB):

!Konto require the !SharedLibs resource from:

To use the plotting functions !Konto requires GnuPlot 3.71 which can be downloaded from:

Download !STRing (V2.2.4 January 2011) my OCR program and userguide in a zip archive, size about 1MB.

The Author can be contacted by e-mail on (replace AT with @). Please use 'Konto' in subject line to get through the spam filters. Last edited on 07/01/13.