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!store bug -- KPDFUtils

Thu, 19 May 2022 18:22:39 -0000


I understand that, historically, tabs haven’t been a thing in RISC OS.

SatNav updated

Thu, 19 May 2022 12:48:45 -0000

@Steve great question, yes GET$#in% works with a serial stream from this type of device and so saves some lines of code.

SatNav updated

Thu, 19 May 2022 09:57:01 -0000

G% = 0
WHILE G% <> 10
IF G% <> 10

This looks like a substitute for GET$#in%. Does this keyword work with a serial stream?


Thu, 19 May 2022 02:48:57 -0000

Raik, I watched the mp4 video, loved the various effects and was very impressed with what you have achieved. Looking forward to the continued development of this project.

SatNav updated

Thu, 19 May 2022 02:43:56 -0000

Great news that you are interested in adapting your software to include USB GPS receivers. Yes you need to ‘CLOSE#in%’

Updated port of SQLite

Wed, 18 May 2022 20:57:30 -0000

Interesting. I’ll see what I can track down. My gut feeling is that it’s a bug in the CLI shell rather than the SQLite library itself, as the issue only occurs when you pass the SQL in at the command line like you’re doing above. If you just run sqlite3 DB and then execute the commands one by one then it’ll still generate an error when you INSERT, but it won’t hold the file open.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to this, but it’s definitely the sort of issue that I want to fix. Thanks for the bug report! :)

Looking for Top Model, installable

Wed, 18 May 2022 20:19:51 -0000

Despite being a fantastic bit of software, it was always very buggy even on a Risc PC running RISC OS 3.7, so I am not surprised there will be problems the further away from that you get.


Wed, 18 May 2022 20:02:12 -0000

As a fork of my VideoED project I have made a ffmpeg GUI for RISC OS. Is WinFF inspired but not a clone and not a port.
Is made like I prefer to use with my own preferences, sorry ;-)

Needs ffplay, EABI ffmpeg and the stuff around (EABIModule, SharedLib…) and so it works “complete” only with newer hardware. For ffmpeg, ffprobe the alignment exceptions are have to set “off”.
Sorry for my English language and programming limitation (any things in this GUI are improvised ;-)). I work on both.
Sorry for crunching but the code is “unclean” with unused procedures from “VideoED”. After I “clean up” I will offer a “readable” RunImage.
Please read the manual first!
I hope anyone find it useful and I get any feedback for improvements. Ideas for new options I have a lot ;-)
An excample I made while I “developed” you find here/vob or here/mp4.

Download if you like.

Filesystem Special Fields Page Zero access

Wed, 18 May 2022 19:22:48 -0000

According to the software compatibility page, ArcFS 2.60 is 32-bit OK

ArcFS has been 32-bit for a while as I’m using 0.75 on a Pi3 without issues. I’ll see if it also produces the Page Zero access with the Repro.

Looking for Top Model, installable

Wed, 18 May 2022 19:00:00 -0000

I had to poke Paola several times, but I’ve gotten an answer to the questions about TopModel. The question being what does TopModel need to work properly. It seems to be only two things !ChangeFSI and !TopRes.

Way it is so dificult to get TopModel working fore some people is still a mystery.

Updated port of SQLite

Wed, 18 May 2022 18:22:42 -0000


thanks a bunch for sqlite3!

I played with sqlite3 controlled by PHP from HTTPServ – was a bit tricky to get PHP and sqlite3 to interact … well not just a bit tricky, but I managed…
During my tests I discovered an oddity (rather not call it an error) since we’re on Alpha level.

I created a simple database, inserted one record and listed the contents with these commands (using an obey file):
DIR <obey$dir>
sqlite3 DB “INSERT INTO tabby VALUES (1,‘Otto’);”
sqlite3 DB “SELECT * FROM tabby;”
That worked just fine…

Then I added a record and again listed the database contents using this obey file:
DIR <obey$dir>
sqlite3 DB “INSERT INTO tabby VALUES (0,‘Herbert’);”
sqlite3 DB “SELECT * FROM tabby;”
… and again it works just nicely

Then I rerun that obey file
DIR <obey$dir>
sqlite3 DB “INSERT INTO tabby VALUES (0,‘Herbert’);”
sqlite3 DB “SELECT * FROM tabby;”
… and as expected get the error message due to duplicate primary key for the INSERT call – good so far
BUT then I get an Disk I/O error for the SELECT

What seems to happen is that in case of some SQL error (like an INSERT failing) the database file remains open so that the next sqlite3 call to e.g. do a SELECT fails to open the database file.
As soon as I execute *Close from CLI the SELECT works nicely again.

I’d very much appreciate if this can be fixed so that an SQL error like the one above does not leave the database file open and thus not accessible for the next sqlite3 call.


Note: I had to insert a space char after “VALUES” since if not this Forum does not show the brackets; so if you copy’n’pase please remove the SPACE between VALUES and the bracket